Hey everyone,

I just figured I’d share some of my scouting pictures with you all! Long story short, my scouting career started when I was 15 (almost 16) and I met someone who was in scouting through one of the amateur radio clubs I’m a member of. His name was Ken Settlemyer and he was an electrical engineer and amateur radio operator who also happened to be Scoutmaster of a local troop. Ken invited me to join and during my first meeting I was elected SPL (senior patrol leader) which was surprising but in hindsight a good way to get me excited, interested and keep me coming back! I had a lot of fun in Scouts but unfortunately was never able to get Eagle as there wasn’t enough time for me to get it before I turned 18 as there are minimum times that one must hold a given rank in order to get Eagle. After I turned 18 I became an ASM (Assistant Scoutmaster) with the troop and when Ken injured his back I was asked to take the troop to Summer Camp in North Georgia! So I drove a large truck (first time driving a truck) with a 22′ trailer (first time towing a trailer) about 10.5 hours north from my home in Florida up to Camp Rainey Mountain where the troop and I had an absolute BLAST at summer camp. Overall scouting was an extremely worthwhile experience and it was a fun way to add activity to my IB CAS. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the culmination of my Scouting pictures!